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The Original Brakeman's Riveter
Four Piece Backing Post Set


The above illustrations show how the Four Piece Backing Post Set is used with the Original Brakeman's Riveter. Picture (1) shows how to rivet a knuckle coupler. Picture (2) shows how to rivet a sliding shoe and in Picture (3), riveting an armature spring. The Set includes one base, 1 1/4 x 2 inches, with hole to attach any of the various backing posts that we offer. The hole is placed close to one edge for easy access and enough space on the opposite side to secure the base to a table with a small C clamp. Or you can secure the base with screws through the two smaller holes located at opposite corners. Attachments are secured to the base by tightening a small set screw (wrench included). [Click pictures to see larger view.]

Product Reviews

"Using Carl's tool you get a perfect, factory-type heading job every time." (Dr. Tinker, Repairing Knuckle Couplers, O Gauge Railroading, April 1989)

"...I suggest you order a few extra rivets for this repair because it's easy to foul up the heading operation. You will find that Carl's rivet tool is helpful when doing this job." (Dr. Tinker, Repairing 2243 Santa Fe engine and B-unit, O Gauge Railroading, April 1993)

"Part with the bucks for the Brakeman's Riveter kit ... This tool set makes short, simple, clean work of removing and replacing rivits used on almost any part of Lionel and American Flyer trains. The tool kit is an absolutely invaluable device to people who like to do their own maintenance." (Jim Barrett, O Gauge Railroading, August 1999)

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